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1 hks.abaqus.6.61 on Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:36 am

As the subject, the software is full cracked, no limited and forever to be used.

If you need it, please email to:

And we also have many other softwares, for example:

Synopsys Formality 2008.09 SP4 AMD64
Synopsys Formality 2008.09 SP4 Linux
Synopsys Formality 2010.12.SP2 Linux
Synopsys FPGA Compiler-II 3.8
Synopsys Galaxy Custom Designer 2009.06 Linux
Synopsys Hercules 2004.12sp3-8 Linux
Synopsys Hercules 2008.09 Linux
synopsys high level synthesis 2009.12 Win
Synopsys Hsim plus 2007.03 Win
Synopsys Hsim plus 2008.09 Linux
Synopsys HSIMPlus 2009.06 Win
Synopsys Hspice 2009.09 Linux
Synopsys Hspice 2010.03 SP1 Linux
Synopsys hspice 2010.03 SP1 Win
Synopsys IC Compiler 2008.09 SP5 Linux
Synopsys IC Compiler 2009.06 SP3 AMD64
Synopsys IC Compiler 2009.06 SP5 Linux/AMD64
Synopsys IC Compiler 2010.12 Linux
Synopsys IC Workbench PLUS 2007.03 Linux
Synopsys Innovator 2009.12 SP1
Synopsys ISE TCAD 10.0
Synopsys JupiterXT 2007.03 SP1 Linux
Synopsys Leda 2008.06 Linux
Synopsys Leda 2010.03 Linux
Synopsys Liberty NCX 2008.06 sp2 Linux
Synopsys Liberty NCX 2009.06 sp1 Linux
Synopsys Magellan 2008.09 Linux
Synopsys Milkyway 2007.12 SP5
Synopsys Milkyway 2008.09 Linux
Synopsys MVtools 2008.12 Linux
Synopsys MVtools 2008.12 Linux64
Synopsys Nanochar 2006.12 SP1
Synopsys NanoSim 2007.03.Linux
Synopsys NanoSim 2008.09 Linux
Synopsys Nanotime 2007.12 SP2 Linux
Synopsys NanoTime 2009.06 Linux
Synopsys Orion Analog Mixed Signal Design 2008.09 AMD64
Synopsys Paramos 2009.03 SP2
Synopsys Pathmill 2006.12 Linux
Synopsys Pioneer-NTB SystemVerilog Testbench 2006.06 Linux

If you need it or anyelse, please email to:


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